confstr - Linux


confstr retrieves configuration strings and information from the system. It offers a means to access various system-wide kernel configuration options from user-space applications.


confstr NAME


NAME (Mandatory): The name of the configuration string to retrieve.


To retrieve the kernel release:

confstr _KERNEL_NAME

To check the default path for shared libraries:

confstr _CS_PATH

Common Issues

  • Incorrect NAME: Ensure the specified configuration string is spelled correctly and is supported by the system.
  • Invalid type: The retrieved string may not be in the expected format. Convert it appropriately if necessary.


confstr can be combined with other tools for more complex tasks. For example:

  • Use its output in a script to automate system configuration tasks.
  • Retrieve system information for display or logging purposes.

Related Commands

  • sysctl: Retrieve and set system configuration variables.
  • /proc/sys: A filesystem interface for accessing system configuration data.
  • /etc/sysconfig: Configuration files containing system-specific settings.