clog2l - Linux


clog2l calculates the logarithm base 2 of a number. It’s primarily used to determine the number of ‘digits’ in a binary number or to perform bitwise operations efficiently.


clog2l <number>


  • -l: Specify the logarithm base (default: 2).


  • Calculate the number of bits in a 16-bit binary number:
clog2l 16

Output: 4

  • Determine the logarithm base 10 of 100:
clog2l 100 -l 10

Output: 2

Common Issues

  • Incorrect base: Ensure you use the correct logarithm base if necessary. The default base is 2.


  • Bitwise operations: clog2l can assist in bitwise operations by identifying the position of specific bits.
  • Binary exponentiation: Use clog2l to efficiently compute binary exponentiation using bit shifting.

Related Commands

  • log – Calculate the logarithm of a number with a specified base.
  • expr – Evaluate mathematical expressions.