clog10l - Linux


clog10l is a command-line utility that calculates the common (base-10) logarithm of a given number. It’s commonly used in scientific and mathematical computations, data analysis, and other applications that require logarithmic calculations.


clog10l [OPTION]... [NUMBER]


  • -h, –help Display this help message and exit
  • -V, –version Print version information and exit
  • -e, –error-range Print error range after result


Calculate the logarithm of 100:

$ clog10l 100

Print the error range:

$ clog10l -e 100
2 ± 0.000015258789

Calculate the logarithm of multiple numbers:

$ clog10l 10 100 1000
1 2 3

Common Issues

  • Invalid input: Ensure that the input number is a valid positive number.


clog10l can be combined with other commands to automate complex calculations:

$ printf "2.71828" | clog10l -e
0.4342944819 ± 0.000015258789

Related Commands

  • log: Calculates the natural logarithm (base-e)
  • log2: Calculates the binary logarithm (base-2)
  • bc: Arbitrary precision calculator