Clear RecycleBin - PowerShell


Clear-RecycleBin securely removes all items from the Recycle Bin, freeing up disk space. This command is useful for purging confidential data or reclaiming storage on local or remote drives.


Clear-RecycleBin [-Confirm] [-Drive <String[]>] [-Verbose]


  • Confirm: Prompts for confirmation before executing the command.
  • Drive: Specify one or more drives to clear their Recycle Bin. Defaults to the current drive.
  • Verbose: Displays detailed status messages during execution.


Simple Usage:


Clearing Specific Drives:

Clear-RecycleBin -Drive C: -Drive D:

Verbose Output:

Clear-RecycleBin -Verbose

Common Issues

  • Access Denied: If you encounter access denied errors, check if you have sufficient permissions to access the Recycle Bin on the specified drives.
  • Data Loss: Using this command will permanently delete items from the Recycle Bin. Exercise caution before executing it.


The Clear-RecycleBin command can be combined with other PowerShell commands to automate cleanup tasks:

Get-Item "C:\Users\*\RecycleBin\$RECYCLE.BIN" | Clear-RecycleBin
  • New-Item: Creates a directory or file.
  • Remove-Item: Deletes files or directories.
  • Get-Item: Gets items from the file system, including the Recycle Bin.