Clear Host - PowerShell


The Clear-Host command quickly and conveniently clears the current PowerShell console screen. This command is essential for maintaining a clean and organized work environment and is commonly used when working with large or complex outputs that can clutter the screen.


Clear-Host [-Force]


| Flag | Description | Default |
| -Force | Suppresses the confirmation prompt before clearing the screen. | False |


Simple Example:


Example with Force Flag:

Clear-Host -Force

Common Issues

Confirmation Prompt: By default, Clear-Host displays a confirmation prompt before clearing the screen. Use the -Force flag to suppress this prompt.

Nested Sessions: Clear-Host only clears the active console window. If PowerShell sessions are nested, it may be necessary to use the Clear-Host command in each session.

Redistributing Output: To keep output from being redistributed to the host console, use the Out-Null cmdlet after commands that generate output, as shown below:

Get-Process | Out-Null


Clear-Host can be integrated with other commands for advanced tasks. For example:

# Clear screen, get current date, and display
  • cls: A similar command available in the cmd command prompt.
  • Out-Null: Redirects output to $Null to prevent it from appearing on the console.