cimagf - Linux


cimagf is a command-line tool designed to analyze and manipulate images in various formats. It offers advanced image processing capabilities, including color space conversions, filtering, transformations, and format handling.


cimagf [options] <input image> [<output image>]


  • -f <format>: Specify the output image format (default: same as input)
  • -s <width>x<height>: Resize the image to the specified dimensions
  • -c <color space>: Convert the image to the specified color space (default: sRGB)
  • -b <brightness>: Adjust the brightness of the image (range: -100 to 100)
  • -g <gamma>: Apply gamma correction to the image (range: 0.0 to 5.0)
  • -r <red>,<green>,<blue>: Adjust individual color channels (range: 0 to 1)
  • -t <transformation>: Apply a transformation to the image (options: flip, rotate, skew)
  • -o <output file>: Save the output image to the specified file


Convert an image to grayscale:

cimagf -c grayscale input.jpg output.jpg

Resize and brighten an image:

cimagf -s 500x300 -b 50 input.png output.png

Flip an image vertically and adjust blue channel:

cimagf -t flip-v -r 0,1,0.5 input.tif output.tif

Common Issues

  • Incorrect color space conversion: Ensure the specified color space is valid.
  • Dimension mismatch: Check that the output dimensions match the aspect ratio of the input image.
  • Unsupported image format: Verify that the input and output formats are supported by cimagf.


cimagf can be integrated into scripts or command pipelines for automated image processing tasks. For example:

ls *.jpg | xargs cimagf -s 1000x1000 -f png

Related Commands

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  • GIMP: A powerful open-source image editor
  • convert: A basic image conversion utility