cgroup_namespaces - Linux


cgroup_namespaces manages cgroups (control groups) namespaces, providing isolation and resource control for processes. Cgroups namespaces allow you to define separate resource allocation and accounting domains for different groups of processes.


cgroup_namespaces [-e | -i | -l] <cgroup> [<command> [args…]]


  • -e: Execute the specified command in the existing cgroups namespace.
  • -i: Create a new cgroups namespace and execute the specified command in it.
  • -l: List the cgroups namespaces.


Create a new cgroups namespace and run a command in it:

# cgroup_namespaces -i sleep 10

List the existing cgroups namespaces:

# cgroup_namespaces -l
[cgroup_namespace] ID

Common Issues

  • Permission denied: Ensure you have sufficient privileges to create or modify cgroups namespaces.
  • Namespace not found: Verify that the cgroups namespace specified exists.


  • Use with Docker: Docker uses cgroups namespaces to isolate processes within containers.
  • Resource management: Monitor and control resource usage for specific processes or groups using cgroups namespaces.

Related Commands

  • mount – Mounts a cgroups hierarchy into a namespace
  • cgcreate – Creates a cgroup within a namespace
  • cgexec – Executes a command within a cgroup
  • cgroup-init – Initializes a new cgroup namespace