cexp2l - Linux


The cexp2l command computes the complex exponential, e^z, where z is a complex number.


cexp2l(complex z) -> complex

The cexp2l function’s single parameter is a complex number z.


There are no options or flags associated with cexp2l.


To compute and print the complex exponential of (1 + 2i), use:

cexp2l(complex(1, 2))



Common Issues

One common issue with cexp2l is the potential for overflow or underflow errors due to the large values that can result from exponentiation operations. It is essential to handle these situations appropriately in your code.


cexp2l can be integrated with other commands to perform complex mathematical operations. For example, to compute the inverse hyperbolic sine of a complex number, you can use:

casinh(complex(x, y)) -> complex

Related Commands

  • cexp: Compute the complex exponential using a double-precision floating-point representation.
  • exp: Compute the real exponential.