cexp2f - Linux


cexp2f is a command that calculates the base-2 exponential of a single-precision floating-point number. It is a part of the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) and is primarily used for performing exponential calculations efficiently in scientific and engineering applications.


cexp2f(float x)


  • x: The single-precision floating-point number for which the base-2 exponential is calculated.




Simple Exponential Calculation:

float result = cexp2f(5.0); // Calculates 2^5 = 32.0

Complex Exponential Expression:

float complex_result = cexp2f(x + I * y);

Common Issues

  • NaN Result: If the input is NaN (Not-a-Number), the result will also be NaN.
  • Inf Result: If the input is positive infinity, the result will be positive infinity. If the input is negative infinity, the result will be zero.


Combining with Other Math Functions:

float result = cexp2f(log2f(x)); // Calculates x

Using GSL Constants:

float result = cexp2f(GSL_LN2 * x); // Calculates 2^x

Related Commands

  • exp2: Similar function for double-precision floating-point numbers.
  • gsl_sf_exp2: Equivalent function from the GNU Scientific Library.