cdrwtool - Linux


cdrwtool is a command-line utility for writing, copying, and erasing data on CD-RW and DVD-RW media. It provides a comprehensive set of options for controlling the writing process, ensuring data integrity and preventing errors.


cdrwtool [options] <command> <device> <file>


  • -d, –device: Specify the CD or DVD device to use.
  • -w, –write: Write data to the device.
  • -c, –copy: Copy data from a file to the device.
  • -e, –erase: Erase data from the device.
  • -v, –verify: Verify data after writing or copying.
  • -m, –multisession: Write to or append data in a multisession format.
  • -n, –no-multisession: Disable multisession writing.
  • -s, –speed: Set the write speed (e.g., "1x", "2x"). Default: "auto".
  • -f, –force: Force the write, even if the device is not ready.
  • -h, –help: Display help message and exit.


Write data to a CD-RW:

cdrwtool -w /dev/cdrw /path/to/file.iso

Copy a file to a DVD-RW:

cdrwtool -c /dev/dvdrw /path/to/source.iso /path/to/destination.iso

Erase a CD-RW:

cdrwtool -e /dev/cdrw

Verify data after writing:

cdrwtool -w -v /dev/cdrw /path/to/file.iso

Common Issues

  • Device not recognized: Ensure that the device is properly connected and detected by the system.
  • Write errors: Check the integrity of the data being written and the write speed being used. High write speeds can cause errors.
  • Media not writable: Use writable media and ensure it is compatible with the drive.


cdrwtool can be integrated with other commands, such as:

  • dd: Low-level disk imaging and writing.
  • growisofs: Create ISO images.
  • mkisofs: Manage ISO filesystems.

Related Commands

  • mkcd: Create a CD-ROM image.
  • dvdauthor: Create DVD-ROM images.
  • wodim: Write optical media using the SCSI interface.