ccoshf - Linux


ccoshf (continuous cosh function) is a command-line tool for calculating the hyperbolic cosine (cosh) function of a given input value. It is particularly useful in mathematical and scientific applications, allowing for quick and accurate calculations of cosh values.


ccoshf <input_value> [options]


  • -h, –help: Displays the help message.
  • -v, –version: Displays the version information.
  • -p, –precision: Sets the precision of the output (default: 6 decimal places).


  • Calculate the cosh of 1.2345:
ccoshf 1.2345
  • Calculate the cosh of 1.2345 with higher precision:
ccoshf -p 10 1.2345

Common Issues

  • Incorrect input: Ensure the input value is a valid number.
  • Excessive precision: Setting too high precision may result in longer calculation times.


ccoshf can be integrated with other commands using pipes or shell scripts. For example, to calculate and plot the cosh function for a range of values:

seq 0 10 | ccoshf | gnuplot -p -e 'plot "-" w lp'

Related Commands

  • cosh: Calculates the hyperbolic cosine using the standard C library.
  • bc: A general-purpose calculator that supports trigonometric functions.