ccosh - Linux


ccosh is a Linux command that performs hyperbolic cosine calculations on specified values. It is commonly used in mathematical computations and scientific applications.




| Flag | Description | Default |
| -h, --help | Display help information | N/A |
| -q, --quiet | Suppress output | False |
| -v, --version | Print version information | N/A |


Simple usage: Calculate the hyperbolic cosine of 3:

ccosh 3



Quiet mode: Perform the calculation without printing the result:

ccosh -q 10

Version information: Display the tool’s version:

ccosh -v

Common Issues

  • Invalid input: ccosh expects a numeric input. Providing non-numeric values will result in an error.
  • Out of range: The argument provided might be outside the valid range for hyperbolic cosine calculations. In such cases, ccosh may return an infinite value or an error.


ccosh can be integrated with other Linux commands and tools for complex calculations. For example, you can calculate the hyperbolic cosine of a random number using the following command:

echo $((RANDOM % 1000)) | ccosh

Related Commands

  • cosh: Computes the hyperbolic cosine of an angle in radians
  • sinh: Computes the hyperbolic sine of an angle in radians
  • tanh: Computes the hyperbolic tangent of an angle in radians