cciss - Linux


cciss is a versatile command-line tool for managing Dell PERC RAID controllers in Linux environments. It provides a comprehensive suite of features for configuring, monitoring, and maintaining the storage subsystems connected to a Dell server.


cciss [command] [options]


-h, –help
Display the help message and exit.

-v, –version
Print the version of cciss and exit.

-c, –controller
Specify the controller to send the command to.

-a, –all
Perform the command on all available controllers.

-f, –force
Force the command to be executed, even if it may result in data loss.

-m, –monitor
Enter monitor mode for the specified controller.


Configure a RAID array

cciss ccfg addarray raid1 disks=sdb,sdc

Monitor a controller

cciss -m

Force a resync

cciss -f resync raid=1

Common Issues

  • Permission denied
    Ensure that you are running cciss as root or with sudo privileges.
  • Controller not found
    Check if the PERC controller is properly installed and connected.
  • Array not found
    Verify that the specified array exists on the controller.


Integration with Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA)
cciss can be used to manage storage subsystems from within OMSA, providing a centralized interface for server management.

cciss commands can be scripted and automated using shell scripting or Python.

Related Commands

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