cc_t - Linux


cc_t is a command-line tool used for managing and manipulating cross-compilation toolchains for embedded systems development. It simplifies the process of building and managing cross-compilation toolchains by providing a unified interface to download, install, update, and remove toolchains.


cc_t [options] [command] [args]


| Option | Description | Default |
| –help (-h) | Display help and usage information | N/A |
| –version (-v) | Print the version of cc_t | N/A |
| –list (-l) | List all available toolchains | N/A |
| –install (-i) [toolchain-name] | Install a specific toolchain | N/A |
| –remove (-r) [toolchain-name] | Remove a toolchain | N/A |
| –update (-u) | Update all installed toolchains | N/A |
| –clear-cache (-c) | Clear the cache directory | N/A |
| –verbose (-V) | Enable verbose output | N/A |


Install a toolchain:

cc_t --install arm-none-eabi

List all available toolchains:

cc_t --list

Remove a toolchain:

cc_t --remove arm-none-eabi

Update all installed toolchains:

cc_t --update

Common Issues

  • Missing toolchains: Ensure that toolchains are available for download from the configured repositories.
  • Permission denied: Make sure you have sufficient privileges to install and remove toolchains.
  • Caching issues: Clear the cache directory using --clear-cache if toolchains fail to install or update.



# Compile a program using the installed toolchain
arm-none-eabi-gcc main.c -o main

Toolchain management:

# Create a script to install multiple toolchains
for toolchain in arm-none-eabi riscv32-unknown-elf; do
  cc_t --install $toolchain

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