catgets - Linux


catgets retrieves messages from a message catalog and converts them to a native character set encoding. It is primarily used to load and display localized messages from applications or programs that support internationalization.


catgets catalog_name [setname] [msgid]




  • Get a specific message from a catalog:
catgets my_catalog my_set Hello
Hello, World!
  • Get all messages from a set in a catalog:
catgets my_catalog my_set
Hello, World!
Goodbye, World!

Common Issues

  • Incorrect catalog_name or setname: Ensure the specified catalog and set exist and are accessible.
  • Invalid msgid: Make sure the message ID passed is valid and present in the message catalog and set.


catgets can be used in conjunction with other commands to manipulate message catalogs and sets:

  • msgfmt: Convert message files into binary catalogs.
  • msginit: Initialize a new message catalog.
  • msgmerge: Merge message files or catalogs.

Related Commands

  • gettext: Extract messages from a source code and generate message files.
  • msgunfmt: Convert binary catalogs back into message files.
  • nlspath: Specify the search path for message catalogs.