catanl - Linux


catanl is a command-line tool designed to facilitate seamless interaction with the Catan game server. It allows users to initiate and manage game sessions, retrieve information, and perform various actions within the game.


catanl [options] [action] [arguments]


  • –help, -h: Display information about usage and options.
  • –version, -v: Display the version of catanl.
  • –debug, -d: Enable debug mode to provide detailed logs.
  • –server , -s : Specify the hostname or IP address of the Catan game server. Default: localhost.
  • –port , -p : Define the port number used by the Catan game server. Default: 2000.
  • –player , -n : Set the name of the player to use in the game.


  • create: Create a new game session.
  • join: Join an existing game session by its ID.
  • leave: Leave the current game session.
  • list: List available game sessions.
  • start: Start a game session.
  • status: Get the status of the current game session.
  • map: Display the current game map.
  • roll: Roll the dice to generate resource cards.
  • build: Construct a settlement or city.
  • trade: Propose a trade with another player.
  • chat: Send a message to other players in the game.


Create a new game session named "Game1":

catanl create Game1

Join an existing game session with ID 1234:

catanl join 1234

Start a game session:

catanl start

Display the current game map:

catanl map

Roll the dice:

catanl roll

Build a settlement at position 3,4:

catanl build settlement 3 4

Propose a trade with another player:

catanl trade -i wool -o wood

Common Issues

  • Can’t connect to server: Ensure that the specified server hostname and port are correct, and that the server is running.
  • Game session not found: Verify that the provided game session ID is valid and that the session still exists.
  • Invalid move: Check the game rules to ensure that the attempted move is legal.


catanl can be integrated with other Linux commands for advanced tasks. For example:

  • Create a script to automate game setup:
catanl create Game1
catanl join Game1 -n "Player1"
catanl start

Related Commands

  • catan, a GUI-based Catan game client.
  • catanserver, the server software for hosting Catan games.