catanhl - Linux


catanhl is a command-line utility that calculates the inverse hyperbolic tangent of a given value. It finds applications in mathematics, engineering, and scientific fields where hyperbolic functions are involved.


catanhl [OPTIONS] <VALUE>


| Option | Description | Default |
| -h, –help | Display help information | – |
| -e, –error | Output error messages (for debugging) | – |


Calculate the inverse hyperbolic tangent of 0.5:

catanhl 0.5

Calculate the inverse hyperbolic tangent of -1:

catanhl -1

Use the -e flag to output error messages:

catanhl invalid_input -e

Common Issues

  • Invalid Input: Using a value outside the range [-1, 1] will result in an error.
  • Numerical Errors: Very large or small values may lead to rounding errors or underflow/overflow.


catanhl can be used with other mathematical commands, such as bc, awk, and sed. For example:

echo 0.5 | bc -l | catanhl

Related Commands

  • atanh: Computes the hyperbolic tangent of a value.
  • cosh, sinh, tanh: Other hyperbolic function commands.