catanhf - Linux


The catanhf command computes the inverse hyperbolic tangent of a floating-point number. It is primarily used in mathematical computations involving hyperbolic functions and is often useful for tasks related to trigonometry, calculus, and complex analysis.


catanhf number
  • number: The floating-point number whose inverse hyperbolic tangent is to be calculated.


This command does not support any options or flags.


Simple Usage:

catanhf 0.5

Integration with Other Commands:

echo 0.5 | catanhf

# Convert degrees to radians using hyperbolic functions
angle_radians=`catanhf $(sin $angle_degrees / cos $angle_degrees)`
echo $angle_radians

Common Issues

  • Invalid Input: If a non-floating-point number or a value outside the domain of the inverse hyperbolic tangent is provided, the command may return an error or produce an unexpected result.
  • Numerical Precision: Calculations involving floating-point numbers can exhibit precision errors, so the output may not be perfectly accurate.


catanhf can be combined with other mathematical commands like sin, cos, and atanhf to perform complex mathematical computations. It can also be used as part of scripts or pipelines to automate mathematical tasks.

Related Commands

  • tanh: Compute the hyperbolic tangent of a number.
  • atanhf: Compute the inverse hyperbolic tangent of a number.
  • sin, cos, tan: Compute the trigonometric functions sine, cosine, and tangent.