casinhf - Linux


casinhf is a mathematical function that calculates the inverse hyperbolic sine of a floating-point number. It is commonly used in various scientific, engineering, and mathematical applications that involve hyperbolic functions.


  • number: The floating-point number for which the inverse hyperbolic sine is calculated.


This command does not support any options or flags.


  • Calculate the inverse hyperbolic sine of 1.5:
$ casinhf 1.5
  • Calculate the inverse hyperbolic sine of -2.3:
$ casinhf -2.3

Common Issues

  • Invalid input: The input number must be a valid floating-point number. Otherwise, the command will return a NaN (Not a Number) value.
  • Overflow or underflow: The result may overflow or underflow if the input number is too large or too small. In such cases, the command will return an infinity or negative infinity value, respectively.


casinhf can be combined with other mathematical commands to perform complex calculations. For example, to calculate the inverse hyperbolic sine of the sum of two numbers:

$ casinhf(x + y)

Related Commands

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  • cosh – Hyperbolic cosine function
  • tanh – Hyperbolic tangent function