capng_get_caps_fd - Linux


capng_get_caps_fd is a powerful Linux command used to retrieve the capabilities of a process or a file descriptor. It is particularly useful for understanding and managing security policies within the system.


int capng_get_caps_fd(int fd)


This command has no available options or flags.


Getting Capabilities for a Process:

#include <cap-ng.h>
int fd = open("/proc/self/fd/0", O_RDONLY);

Getting Capabilities for a File Descriptor:

#include <cap-ng.h>
int fd = open("filename", O_RDONLY);

Common Issues

  • Access Denied: You might encounter "Access denied" errors if you attempt to retrieve capabilities for a process or file descriptor without sufficient privileges. Ensure that you have the necessary permissions before executing the command.


Using in Scripts:
You can incorporate capng_get_caps_fd into scripts to automate security policy management tasks. For example, a script could check for specific capabilities and take appropriate actions based on the findings.

Related Commands

  • capng_clear_caps_fd: Resets capabilities for a process or file descriptor.
  • capng_set_caps_fd: Sets capabilities for a process or file descriptor.
  • capng_get_caps: Retrieves capabilities for a thread context.