capng_apply_caps_fd - Linux


capng_apply_caps_fd allows the application of capabilities by reading them from a file descriptor. This command is particularly useful for applying capabilities to processes or files without directly modifying their capabilities.


capng_apply_caps_fd [--target=<target>] [--inactive] <fd>


  • –target: Specifies the target to which the capabilities should be applied. Defaults to the current process.
  • –inactive: When set, only inactive capabilities are applied.


Applying Capabilities to a Process

capng_apply_caps_fd --target=myprocess /proc/myprocess/fd/3

Applying Inactive Capabilities to a File

capng_apply_caps_fd --inactive /path/to/file

Common Issues

  • Incorrect Permissions: Ensure that the file descriptor used has proper read permissions for the process attempting to apply the capabilities.
  • Target Not Found: Verify that the specified target process or file exists.


capng_apply_caps_fd can be integrated with other tools and commands for advanced capability management. For example, it can be used in conjunction with capset to dynamically set or modify capabilities.

Related Commands

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