cap_launcher_set_iab - Linux


The cap_launcher_set_iab command is used to configure the In-App Billing (IAB) settings for a given Android application. It allows developers to specify the public key and salt for the application’s IAB service, which is used to verify and validate purchases made by users.


cap_launcher_set_iab [-h] [--package-name PACKAGE_NAME] [--public-key PUBLIC_KEY] [--salt SALT]


  • -h, --help – Display help and usage information.
  • --package-name PACKAGE_NAME – The package name of the Android application for which you want to configure IAB settings.
  • --public-key PUBLIC_KEY – The public key for the application’s IAB service.
  • --salt SALT – The salt for the application’s IAB service.


Example 1: Set IAB settings for an application

cap_launcher_set_iab --package-name com.example.myapp --public-key MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAxG+3xZMR43sU5h+pDRT5W/KdYtZ82bwsVbv/l9iFufkVHc32m4CRAL37RWrOyov+BU658FxhG2X06f6Loh2+q18/pqeY1CWiyn09Q7j4BiudQ9/4+z3JjN4xNtKZvveKgxuW+enY7xJAXa8e84O0a+/pzrLPYi8n7Yglt0lG8/gJ4uM9K8EjJa46iqf6oF27LfclsBsF3x9wN85lQzUyYT09g3to86f0znl27xQz01fXR1OI3ggnH1nXVDWjVlD1x1f74wYzSWdP3TCOF2/ZsCK1s+c6s3Qg077e7jXz8JbxsN712F/J5tXzW2KfeMYOIN0U0WQd5vhZuN8gQIDAQAB` --salt MySuperSecretSalt

Common Issues

  • Ensure that the provided public key and salt are valid and match the ones used in the application’s IAB service.
  • Verify that the package name specified is correct and matches the application for which you want to configure IAB settings.
  • Check the permissions of the user running the command. The user must have the necessary privileges to modify the application’s settings.


The cap_launcher_set_iab can be integrated into automated build and deployment pipelines to ensure that IAB settings are configured properly for all applications.

Related Commands

  • cap_launcher – The main command used for managing application launchers.
  • cap_launcher_show_iab – Display the IAB settings for a given application.