cap_iab_to_text - Linux


cap_iab_to_text is a utility to decode International Air Transport Association (IATA) codes and convert them into their full text equivalents. It’s commonly used in environments that deal with airline ticketing, booking systems, and flight operations.


cap_iab_to_text [options] [code1] [code2] ...


  • -h, –help: Display usage information
  • -d, –decode: Decode IATA code(s)
  • -w, –with-context: Include airport names and country in output (default: false)
  • -f, –from-file: Read IATA codes from a file (one code per line)


  • Decode a single IATA code:
cap_iab_to_text JFK
  • Decode multiple IATA codes:
cap_iab_to_text LAX JFK SFO
  • Decode IATA codes from a file:
cat codes.txt | cap_iab_to_text -f
  • Decode and include additional context:
cap_iab_to_text -w JFK

Common Issues

  • Invalid IATA code: Ensure the entered code is a valid IATA identifier.
  • No airport found: Verify that the provided code corresponds to a known airport.


cap_iab_to_text can be used in scripts or command chains to automate IATA code conversion tasks. For example:

echo $IATA_CODE | cap_iab_to_text -w

Related Commands

  • grep: Search text for IATA codes
  • sed: Perform text substitutions involving IATA codes
  • IATA website: Official repository of IATA codes