cap_iab_init - Linux


cap_iab_init is a command-line tool used to manage Interactive Access Bridge (IAB) sessions. IAB is an innovative technology that establishes secure, outbound connections from a remote device to a host system. With cap_iab_init, you can establish, terminate, and manage IAB sessions with ease.


cap_iab_init [-h] [-v] [-b || -c] <command>


  • -h, –help: Display help and exit.
  • -v, –verbose: Output verbose information.
  • -b, –bind: Bind to an existing IAB session.
  • -c, –create: Create a new IAB session.


Create a new IAB session:

cap_iab_init -c

Bind to an existing IAB session:

cap_iab_init -b <session_id>

Query IAB session status:

cap_iab_init -v -b <session_id>

Common Issues

  • Cannot create a new IAB session: Ensure you have administrator privileges and the necessary permissions to create IAB sessions.
  • Cannot bind to an existing IAB session: The session ID is incorrect or the session has been terminated.


cap_iab_init can be integrated into scripts to automate IAB session management. For example:


# Create a new IAB session
session_id=$(cap_iab_init -c)

# Perform operations using the IAB session

# Terminate the IAB session
cap_iab_init -b $session_id terminate

Related Commands

  • cap_iab_monitor: Monitor IAB session activity.
  • cap_iab_handle: Manage IAB session handles.

For more information, refer to the IAB documentation.