cap_iab_get_proc - Linux


The cap_iab_get_proc command is a kernel module that provides an interface to the Intel Advanced Encryption Standard-New Instructions (AES-NI) hardware acceleration technology. It allows users to access and manage hardware acceleration capabilities for AES encryption and decryption operations. The command is particularly useful in performance-sensitive applications, such as cryptography or data encryption protocols.


cap_iab_get_proc [--getall] [--help]


  • –getall: Retrieves a list of all available hardware acceleration capabilities.
  • –help: Displays the help message.


Get all available hardware acceleration capabilities:

cap_iab_get_proc --getall

Common Issues

  • Kernel Module Not Loaded: Ensure that the cap_iab kernel module is loaded before using this command. Run sudo modprobe cap_iab.
  • Permission Denied: Confirm that you have sufficient permissions to access the hardware acceleration capabilities. Run the command as a privileged user.


  • OpenSSL: cap_iab_get_proc can be used to enable AES-NI acceleration for OpenSSL. Run openssl speed -evp aes-256-ctr to verify the performance improvement.
  • Kubernetes: cap_iab_get_proc can be used to enhance encryption performance in Kubernetes deployments. Configure the --cap-add=CAP_SYS_RESOURCE flag for containers that require AES acceleration.

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