cap_iab_compare - Linux


cap_iab_compare is a command-line tool designed to compare the capabilities between two or more applications. It examines the capabilities that each application possesses and identifies differences between them.


cap_iab_compare [options] app1 app2 [app3 ...]


  • -h, –help: Display help and usage information.
  • -v, –verbose: Enable verbose output, providing detailed information about the comparison.
  • -o, –output-file: Specify an output file for the results. Default: stdout
  • -d, –show-details: Show detailed information for each capability.
  • -e, –exclude-builtin: Exclude builtin capabilities from the comparison.


Simple Comparison:

Compare the capabilities of applications "example1" and "example2":

cap_iab_compare example1 example2

Verbose Output:

Enable verbose output to see detailed information about the comparison:

cap_iab_compare -v example1 example2

Output to File:

Save the results to a file named "result.txt":

cap_iab_compare -o result.txt example1 example2 example3

Exclude Builtin Capabilities:

Ignore builtin capabilities from the comparison:

cap_iab_compare -e example1 example2

Common Issues

  • Missing capabilities: Ensure that the applications being compared are installed and have the necessary capabilities granted.
  • Invalid arguments: Verify that the provided application names are correct.
  • No differences found: If no differences are reported, it may indicate that the applications have the same capabilities.


Combining with other tools:

  • grep: Filter comparison results by specific capabilities:
cap_iab_compare example1 example2 | grep "CAP_SYS_ADMIN"
  • awk: Parse results for specific fields:
cap_iab_compare example1 example2 | awk '{print $1, $3}'

Related Commands

  • capabilities: Displays capabilities of a running process.
  • bash: Shell scripting language.
  • sed: Stream editor for text manipulation.