cap_get_secbits - Linux


The cap_get_secbits command is a utility used in Linux systems to retrieve the current value of the security bits set for the calling process. These security bits control various aspects of process behavior and privileges, including capabilities, file system capabilities, and extended attributes.




This command has no options or flags.


To retrieve the current security bits value for the calling process:

$ cap_get_secbits



In this example, the output is a 64-bit hexadecimal number representing the current security bits setting.

## Common Issues

One common issue is that the command may not be available on all Linux distributions or systems. It is typically only found on systems with kernel versions supporting fine-grained capabilities.

## Integration

The `cap_get_secbits` command can be integrated with other Linux commands to provide more advanced control over process security. For example, it can be used in conjunction with the `setcap` command to set the security bits for a specific process or file.

## Related Commands

* `cap_set_secbits` - Sets the security bits for the calling process.
* `cap_supports_secbits` - Checks if the underlying kernel supports security bits.
* `getfcap` - Retrieves the file capabilities for a specified file.
* `setfcap` - Sets the file capabilities for a specified file.