cap_copy_int_check - Linux


The cap_copy_int_check command provides a comprehensive mechanism to verify the integrity of POSIX capability sets. It checks if the effective capability set of a given process matches an expected set, ensuring that the process has not acquired unauthorized capabilities.


cap_copy_int_check [-v] [-t <trace_mode>] [-c <cap_set>] <pid>


  • -v: Verbose mode. Display additional information about the capability checks.
  • -t <trace_mode>: Specify the trace mode. Valid options are audit, log, and none. Defaults to none.
  • -c <cap_set>: Define a custom capability set to compare against the process’s effective capabilities.


Simple Check:

cap_copy_int_check 1234

Checks if process 1234’s effective capability set matches the default expected set.

Verbose Check:

cap_copy_int_check -v 1234

Prints more detailed information about the capabilities and their check results.

Common Issues

  • Mismatched Capabilities: If the process’s effective capability set does not match the expected set, cap_copy_int_check will fail. Check the process’s privilege settings and ensure it has not acquired unauthorized capabilities.
  • Permission Denied: If cap_copy_int_check does not have sufficient permissions to access the process’s capabilities, it will fail with an error. Run the command as root or with elevated privileges.


cap_copy_int_check can be integrated into scripts or monitoring systems to ensure the integrity of processes and prevent capability escalation. It can be used in conjunction with the pspy command to gain a deeper understanding of a process’s capabilities.

Related Commands

  • cap_set: Sets the capability sets of a process.
  • getcap: Retrieves the capabilities of a file or process.
  • pspy: Monitors and analyzes process activity, including capability usage.