cap_copy_int - Linux


cap_copy_int is a command-line utility used to copy Linux capabilities from one file to another. Capabilities are special privileges granted to processes and users to perform specific operations that would otherwise require root permissions. This command is commonly used in situations where you want to grant a program or script specific capabilities without having to execute it as root.


cap_copy_int <target-file> <source-file>


There are no options or flags available for cap_copy_int.


Copy capabilities from one file to another:

cap_copy_int /bin/new_program /bin/existing_program

Copy specific capabilities:

# Remove the sys_admin capability
cap_copy_int /bin/new_program /bin/existing_program -rm=sys_admin

Common Issues

  • Permission: You must have write permissions on both the target and source files.
  • Invalid Capabilities: Copying invalid or unsupported capabilities may cause errors.
  • File Existence: Ensure that both the target and source files exist before running the command.


Cap_copy_int can be integrated with other Linux commands to perform complex tasks. For example, you can use it with sudo to grant a specific command temporary capabilities without modifying the original file:

sudo cap_copy_int /tmp/command /bin/sensitive_program

Related Commands

  • setcap: Set or modify Linux capabilities for a file.
  • getcap: Retrieve the Linux capabilities of a file.