can_change_color - Linux


The can_change_color command in Linux allows users to determine whether a specific user or group has the ability to change the text color of the virtual console. It provides a quick and convenient way to check permissions and ensure that appropriate security measures are in place.


can_change_color [options] [username] [groupname]


  • -u, –user: Specify the username to check permissions for.
  • -g, –group: Specify the group name to check permissions for.
  • -h, –help: Show help information.


  • Check if the user "alice" can change text colors:
can_change_color -u alice
  • Check if the group "admins" has permission to change text colors:
can_change_color -g admins
  • Check both user and group permissions:
can_change_color -u bob -g staff

Common Issues

  • Permission denied: The user or group specified does not have permission to change text colors. Ensure that the correct permissions are assigned.
  • Invalid username or groupname: The specified username or groupname does not exist. Verify that the entered information is correct.


The can_change_color command can be integrated into scripts or automated tasks to ensure that appropriate permissions are maintained. For example, a script could check permissions before allowing users to perform certain actions.

Related Commands

  • chattr: Change file and directory attributes, including permissions.
  • usermod: Modify user account information.
  • groupmod: Modify group information.