cacoshf - Linux


cacoshf is a Linux command used to calculate the inverse hyperbolic cosine of a given value. It finds applications in various mathematical and scientific domains, such as geometry and calculus.


cacoshf <value>
  • <value>: The input value for which the inverse hyperbolic cosine is to be calculated.




  • To find the inverse hyperbolic cosine of 1.5:
cacoshf 1.5
  • Output: 1.049301

  • To calculate the inverse hyperbolic cosine of a complex number:

cacoshf 2 + 3i
  • Output:
0.868487 + 1.507377i

Common Issues

  • Incorrect Input: Ensure that the input value is a valid real or complex number.


cacoshf can be integrated with other commands and tools for advanced tasks:

  • Processing Mathematical Expressions: Pipe the output of cacoshf to other mathematical commands like bc or dc for further calculations.

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