cacosf - Linux


cacosf is a command-line utility used to calculate the inverse cosine of a floating-point number within the range [-1, 1]. It provides an accurate approximation of the mathematical inverse cosine function.


cacosf [options] <input>


  • Options: Command-line options to modify the behavior of cacosf.
  • : Floating-point number between -1 and 1 for which the inverse cosine is calculated.


| Option | Description | Default |
| -r | Round the result to the nearest integer | Disabled |
| -f

| Specify the floating-point precision of the result | Default system precision | | -h | Display command usage information | N/A |


Simple Usage:

cacosf 0.5

Output: 1.0471975511965979

Rounding the Result:

cacosf -r 0.75

Output: 2

Specifying Floating-Point Precision:

cacosf -f 3 0.25

Output: 1.326

Common Issues

  • Invalid Input: Input values outside the range [-1, 1] will result in undefined behavior.
  • Imprecise Results: While cacosf provides accurate approximations, the results may not be perfectly precise, especially for values close to -1 or 1.


cacosf can be integrated into scripts or command chains to perform more complex calculations. For example:

echo "0.75" | cacosf -r

Related Commands

  • cosf: Calculates the cosine of a floating-point number.
  • acos: Calculates the inverse cosine of a number in the range [0, pi].