btrfs-property - Linux


btrfs-property manipulates properties, key-value pairs associated with Btrfs filesystems and objects. Properties provide extended metadata for files and directories, enabling finer filesystem control and management.


btrfs property <command> <path/to/object> <property>


  • --clear: Clear the specified property.
  • --create: Create a new property with the specified value.
  • --get: Retrieve the value of the specified property.
  • --list: List all properties of the specified object.


  • List all properties of a file:
btrfs property list /path/to/file
  • Create a rosetta property with the value stone for a file:
btrfs property create /path/to/file rosetta stone
  • Retrieve the value of the rosetta property for a directory:
btrfs property get /path/to/directory rosetta
  • Clear the rosetta property from a file:
btrfs property clear /path/to/file rosetta

Common Issues

  • Property names are case-sensitive.
  • The default value of a property is an empty string.
  • Some properties are immutable and cannot be modified.


btrfs-property can be used in conjunction with other Btrfs tools to manage filesystem properties efficiently. For example, to create a subvolume with a custom property, use:

btrfs subvolume create --property rosetta=stone new_subvolume

Related Commands

  • btrfs: Main Btrfs management tool.
  • btrfs-filesystem: Provides filesystem-level information.
  • btrfs-subvolume: Manages subvolumes.

For more information, refer to the official Btrfs documentation at