btrfs-inspect-internal - Linux


btrfs-inspect-internal is a tool for inspecting Btrfs filesystem internals. It provides a comprehensive view of Btrfs’s data structures and their relationships, enabling administrators and developers to deeply understand the filesystem’s behavior.


btrfs-inspect-internal [options] path/to/device/or/mountpoint


  • -h, –help: Display this help message.

  • -v, –verbose: Verbose output.

  • -r, –recursive: Recursively inspect subvolumes.

  • -d, –debug: Enable debug output.

  • -o, –output-file=FILE: Save the output to a file.


  • Inspect a Btrfs filesystem mounted at /mnt/btrfs:
btrfs-inspect-internal /mnt/btrfs
  • Verbosely inspect a Btrfs device at /dev/sda1:
btrfs-inspect-internal -v /dev/sda1
  • Recursively inspect a subvolume at /mnt/btrfs/subvol:
btrfs-inspect-internal -r /mnt/btrfs/subvol

Common Issues

  • Error: Device not found. Ensure that the specified device or mount point exists and is accessible.

  • Warning: Corruption detected. Btrfs may have detected data corruption. Run btrfs check or btrfs scrub start to verify and repair the filesystem.


btrfs-inspect-internal can be combined with other Btrfs tools for advanced tasks:

  • btrfs-balance: Identify and balance data across devices using btrfs-inspect-internal‘s detailed information on data distribution.

  • btrfs-defrag: Optimize filesystem performance by combining btrfs-inspect-internal‘s analysis with btrfs-defrag.

Related Commands

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