btreplay - Linux


btreplay is a powerful tool that allows users to capture and replay Bluetooth traffic. It is primarily used for debugging Bluetooth protocol implementations, analyzing communication patterns, and troubleshooting connectivity issues.


btreplay [options] <command> <input-file> <output-file>


  • -i, –interface: Specify the Bluetooth interface to use. (Default: hci0)
  • -f, –format: Specify the input/output file format (pcap/hcidump). (Default: hcidump)
  • -t, –timeout: Set the maximum duration for the replay session (seconds). (Default: 60)
  • -v, –verbose: Enable verbose output, providing detailed information during replay.
  • -h, –help: Display help and usage information.


Capture and save Bluetooth traffic:

btreplay capture -i hci0 -f pcap -o traffic.pcap

Replay captured traffic:

btreplay replay -f pcap -i traffic.pcap -o /dev/null

Replay traffic with a timeout of 30 seconds:

btreplay replay -t 30 -f hcidump -i test.hcidump -o /dev/null

Common Issues

Error: Interface not found: Ensure the specified Bluetooth interface is enabled and correctly configured.

Warning: Timestamps may be inaccurate: Due to system limitations, timestamps in replayed traffic may not be entirely precise.

Replay not working: Verify that the input file is in the correct format and that the output device is listening on the appropriate channel.


Combine with wireshark: Use btreplay -f pcap to capture traffic in pcap format, which can then be analyzed using Wireshark.

Use with scripts: Automate replay sessions by creating scripts that invoke btreplay with specific options.

Related Commands

  • hcitool: Manage Bluetooth devices and perform basic HCI operations.
  • bluez-utils: A suite of tools for interacting with Bluetooth devices using the BlueZ stack.

For further information, refer to the official btreplay documentation.