box_set - Linux


box_set is a versatile command-line utility for configuring and manipulating file attributes, permissions, and user/group ownership. It provides a comprehensive set of options for customizing file and directory properties on Linux systems.


box_set [-c|-i|-u|-g|-p|-r] [-f PATTERN] [-v] [-n] [-t SCRIPTS] FILE...


  • -c (change): Change file or directory permissions.
  • -i (info): Show information about file attributes and permissions.
  • -u (user): Change file or directory owner.
  • -g (group): Change file or directory group.
  • -p (preserve): Preserve the original permissions after changes made with -c, -u, or -g.
  • -r (recursive): Apply changes to all files and directories in the specified path recursively.
  • -f PATTERN: Filter files based on a wildcard pattern.
  • -v (verbose): Display detailed information about each operation.
  • -n (dry-run): Show the changes that would be made without actually making them.
  • -t SCRIPTS: Specify a script or command to execute after each file change operation (requires -n).


  • Change permissions:

    box_set -c 755 example_file
  • Recursively change ownership (root user):

    box_set -r -u root directory/path
  • Show detailed file information:

    box_set -i example_file
  • Preserve permissions while changing ownership:

    box_set -c 774 -p -u new_user example_file
  • Use a script to perform additional actions after changing file modes:

    box_set -t 'echo "permissions changed: $f"' -n example_file

Common Issues

  • Permission denied: Ensure you have sufficient permissions to perform the requested operation.
  • File not found: Verify that the specified file or directory exists and is accessible.
  • Invalid syntax: Check for any errors in the command syntax or arguments. Use the man box_set command for detailed usage instructions.


  • Combined with find command:
    find . -name '*.txt' -exec box_set -c 664 '{}' +
  • As part of a script:
    box_set -r -u username "$DIR"

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