bkgrnd - Linux


bkgrnd is a command-line tool that sets the background of the Linux console or terminal. It allows users to customize their terminal environment and enhance its visual appeal.


bkgrnd [options] [color]


| Option | Description | Default |
| -s, –set | Set the background color | None |
| -r, –reset | Reset the background color to default | Black |
| -c, –color | Specify the color in CSS or RGB format | Black |


Set background to blue:

bkgrnd -s blue

Set background to RGB value:

bkgrnd -s rgb(128, 128, 255)

Reset background to default:

bkgrnd -r

Common Issues

  • Blank screen: Occurs when the specified color is not recognized. Ensure the color format is correct and supported.
  • Incompatibilities: May not work with all terminal emulators. Refer to documentation or try different options.


Use with other commands:

echo "Hello world" | bkgrnd -s red

Create a script for dynamic backgrounds:


COLOR_LIST=(red blue green yellow)
while true; do
  for COLOR in "${COLOR_LIST[@]}"; do
    bkgrnd -s $COLOR
    sleep 5

Related Commands

  • xterm – Configure terminal settings
  • konsole – Advanced terminal emulator with customization options
  • Terminal Preferences (in System Settings) – Set terminal background through GUI