BerVarray - Linux


BerVarray is a versatile command-line application designed to manipulate and transform numerical arrays in a vast and efficient manner. It offers a comprehensive suite of mathematical operations, array-based calculations, and data analysis capabilities, making it indispensable for scientific computing, data processing, and other computationally intensive tasks.


bervarray [options] <input> [<output>]


  • <input>: Path to input file containing the numerical array.
  • <output>: Optional path to save the transformed array. If omitted, the result is printed to the standard output.


  • -a, –array-format: Specifies the input array format. Available options include: csv, tsv, matrix, json, xml. Default: csv.
  • -o, –output-format: Sets the format for the output array. Same options as --array-format. Default: csv.
  • -m, –math-operation: Performs a mathematical operation on the array. Supported operators: +, -, *, /, %, **, sqrt, log, exp, abs, round.
  • -d, –data-type: Converts the data type of the array. Supported types: int, float, double, string.
  • -s, –sort-by: Sorts the array by a specified column or element. Syntax: --sort-by <column_name> [ascending|descending].
  • -f, –filter: Filters the array based on a specified condition. Syntax: --filter <column_name> <operator> <value>.
  • -v, –version: Prints the version of BerVarray.
  • -h, –help: Displays the help message.


Example 1: Summing an array

bervarray -m + input.csv output.csv

Example 2: Converting to integers and filtering array

bervarray -d int -s id ascending -f age >50 input.csv output.json

Example 3: Calculate mean of each column

bervarray input.csv -a matrix -f1 mean

Common Issues

Error: Invalid input format

Ensure that the input file matches the specified array format (--array-format).

Error: Missing column name for sorting

Specify the column name to sort by using --sort-by <column_name>.


BerVarray can be seamlessly integrated with other Linux commands and tools:

  • Pipe its output to awk for advanced data manipulation.
  • Use it as a data source for plotting tools like gnuplot or matplotlib.
  • Combine with Python or R for more complex numerical computations.

Related Commands

  • NumPy: Python library for numerical array manipulation.
  • Octave: Open-source higher-level language for numerical operations.
  • R: Statistical computing and graphics environment.