ber_skip_tag - Linux


ber_skip_tag is a command-line utility used for manipulating BER (Basic Encoding Rules) encoded data. It reads BER-encoded data from standard input and skips over the specified tag. This is useful when parsing BER data where the tag of a specific element needs to be ignored.


ber_skip_tag [options] <tag>


  • -d, –debug: Enable debug output.
  • -h, –help: Display help information.
  • -v, –version: Display version information.


Skip a specific tag

Skip the tag with value 0x10 from the input data:

echo "0x10 0x01 0x02" | ber_skip_tag 0x10

Skip a nested tag

Skip the outermost tag with value 0x30 and the inner tag with value 0x11:

echo "0x30 0x10 0x01 0x02 0x11 0x03 0x04" | ber_skip_tag 0x30 0x11

Common Issues

  • Incorrect tag value: Ensure the provided tag value matches the tag of the element you want to skip.
  • Invalid BER data: ber_skip_tag assumes valid BER-encoded data. If the input data is malformed, the command may not behave as expected.
  • Ambiguous tags: If multiple elements with the same tag are present in the input data, ber_skip_tag will only skip the first occurrence.


ber_skip_tag can be used in conjunction with other BER manipulation tools, such as ber_decode_tag. For example, to decode the value of a specific tag after skipping over it:

ber_skip_tag 0x10 | ber_decode_tag 0x11

Related Commands

  • ber_encode_tag: Encode data with a specified tag.
  • ber_decode_tag: Decode data from a specified tag.
  • ber_dump: Dump the contents of a BER-encoded data structure in a human-readable format.