ber_memrealloc - Linux


ber_memrealloc is a tool for bulk reallocating BER elements in memory. It can be used to free up memory occupied by unused BER elements or to reclaim memory from fragmented BER elements.


ber_memrealloc [-hv] [-r] [-f] <ASN.1 definition file> <BER encoded data file>


  • -h: Displays a help message and exits.
  • -v: Verbose mode. Outputs additional information about the reallocation process.
  • -r: Recover mode. Attempts to recover usable memory from fragmented BER elements, even if it means losing some data.
  • -f: Force mode. Reallocates memory even if the input BER data is invalid.


To reallocate memory for the X509certificate element in the certificate.ber file:

ber_memrealloc certificate.asn certificate.ber

To recover memory from fragmented BER elements in the certificate.ber file:

ber_memrealloc -r certificate.asn certificate.ber

Common Issues

  • Error while loading ASN.1 definition: The ASN.1 definition file may be invalid or missing.
  • Error while decoding BER data: The BER data file may be corrupted or invalid.
  • Memory reallocation failed: There may not be enough memory available to reallocate. Try using the -f option to force reallocation, but note that this may result in data loss.


ber_memrealloc can be used in conjunction with other tools for bulk processing of BER data. For example, it can be used to reduce the memory footprint of a large BER data set before passing it to a parser or other processing tool.

Related Commands

  • asn1c: An ASN.1 compiler that can generate BER encoding and decoding routines.
  • ber_decoder: A library for decoding BER data.