ber_memfree - Linux


ber_memfree is a memory management utility used on the Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF). It provides a means to manage and free BPF memory explicitly, allowing users to optimize memory usage and prevent memory leaks.


ber_memfree [-h] [-c] <address>


  • -h: Display help and usage information.
  • -c: Compact memory by moving allocated memory to the beginning of the memory region.


Simple Memory Freeing

ber_memfree 0x1000

Compacting Memory

ber_memfree -c 0x1000

Common Issues

  • Using invalid memory addresses can lead to errors or unexpected behavior.
  • Incorrectly freeing memory can result in memory leaks.


ber_memfree is typically used in conjunction with other BPF-related commands, such as ber_load and ber_unload.

Related Commands

  • ber_load: Loads a BPF program into memory.
  • ber_unload: Unloads a BPF program from memory.
  • bpf: The BPF compiler and interpreter.