ber_memalloc - Linux


ber_memalloc is a command-line utility designed for memory management and debugging in the context of BER data structures. It allows users to create and manipulate BER memory pools, monitoring memory usage and potential memory leaks.


ber_memalloc [options] [command]


  • -a, –actions : Display a list of available actions
  • -d, –debug : Enable debug output
  • -h, –help : Display command usage
  • -m, –memory-usage : Report current memory usage
  • -v, –version : Display version information


  • create : Create a BER memory pool
  • init : Initialize a memory pool
  • query : Get information about a memory pool
  • free : Free a memory pool
  • leak : Check for memory leaks
  • help : Display help for the specified command


Create and initialize a memory pool:

ber_memalloc create pool1
ber_memalloc init pool1

Check for memory leaks:

ber_memalloc leak pool1

Display memory usage:

ber_memalloc --memory-usage

Free a memory pool:

ber_memalloc free pool1

Common Issues

  • Memory leaks: Ensure all allocated memory is properly released using the ber_memalloc free command.
  • Segmentation faults: Check memory initialization before accessing pool memory.


With BER decoding:

ber_decode -P pool1 data.ber

Related Commands

  • asn1c: Compiles ASN.1 specifications into C code
  • asn1validate: Validates BER-encoded data against ASN.1 specifications