babeltrace2-sink.utils.dummy - Linux


babeltrace2-sink.utils.dummy is a plugin for Babeltrace2 that provides a simple dummy sink for connection tracing data. It is used for testing and development purposes, as it can be used to simulate the behavior of a real sink without actually sending any data to it.


babeltrace2-sink.utils.dummy [options] <output-path>


| Option | Description | Default |
| -h, --help | Display help and exit | |
| -V, --version | Display version and exit | |
| -b, --buffer-size | Set the size of the internal buffer, in bytes | 1048576 |


To use the babeltrace2-sink.utils.dummy plugin, you can specify the output path as follows:

babeltrace2-sink.utils.dummy /tmp/

This will create a file named in the /tmp directory and write all connection tracing data to it.

Common Issues

One common issue with the babeltrace2-sink.utils.dummy plugin is that it can be difficult to determine if it is working correctly. This is because the plugin does not actually send any data to the output file. To verify that the plugin is working, you can use the -v, --verbose option to enable verbose logging. This will output information about the plugin’s operation to the console.


The babeltrace2-sink.utils.dummy plugin can be used with other Babeltrace2 plugins to create complex tracing pipelines. For example, you can use the babeltrace2-sink.utils.dummy plugin to simulate the behavior of a real sink while you are developing a new plugin.

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