babeltrace2-sink.ctf.fs - Linux


babeltrace2-sink.ctf.fs is a Linux command for writing CTF traces to a file system. It provides efficient and flexible storage for large traces, allowing for quick analysis and long-term archiving.


babeltrace2-sink.ctf.fs [options] <trace.ctf>


  • -o : Output file path for the CTF trace.
  • -b : Size of the buffer used for I/O operations (default: 1048576).
  • -f : Output file format (default: auto-detect).
  • -c : Compression algorithm (default: none).
  • -j : Number of threads to use for parallelized I/O (default: number of CPU cores).
  • -v: Verbose output, including additional information.
  • -h: Display help and usage information.


Simple usage:

babeltrace2-sink.ctf.fs trace.ctf

Setting output file path:

babeltrace2-sink.ctf.fs -o output-trace.ctf trace.ctf

Using multiple threads:

babeltrace2-sink.ctf.fs -j 8 trace.ctf

Common Issues

  • File system full: Ensure there is enough disk space for the output file.
  • Permission denied: Verify that the user has write permissions to the output file path.


babeltrace2-sink.ctf.fs can be integrated into complex workflows using pipelines and scripts. For example:

babeltrace2 -o trace.ctf -F - | babeltrace2-sink.ctf.fs -o output-trace.ctf &

This command starts a continuous trace from babeltrace2 and writes it to a file using babeltrace2-sink.ctf.fs.

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