babeltrace2-plugin-ctf - Linux


babeltrace2-plugin-ctf is a plugin for babeltrace2 that allows tracing and processing of data in the Common Trace Format (CTF). It provides low-level access to trace data, enabling analysis and debugging of complex systems.


babeltrace2-plugin-ctf [options] <trace.ctf>


  • -i, –input : Path to a CTF trace file
  • -o, –output : Path to write the trace data in a different CTF file
  • -d, –decode: Decode the trace data into JSON format
  • -e, –events: Show only event names and discard data
  • -s, –streams: Show only available streams and discard data
  • -k, –stream-key : Filter by stream key
  • -t, –stream-type : Filter by stream type
  • -n, –event-name : Filter by event name
  • -f, –event-field : Filter by event field name
  • -j, –json-pretty: Output JSON in a human-readable format
  • -h, –help: Show usage information


To load a CTF trace file:

babeltrace2-plugin-ctf my_trace.ctf

To decode and dump the trace data into JSON:

babeltrace2-plugin-ctf -decode -o my_trace.json my_trace.ctf

To list available event types:

babeltrace2-plugin-ctf -s my_trace.ctf

To filter by event name:

babeltrace2-plugin-ctf -n my_event my_trace.ctf

Common Issues

  • Invalid trace file: Ensure the trace file is in a valid CTF format.
  • No data output: Check if the streams or events you are expecting are present in the trace file. Use -s or -e to list available streams and events.
  • JSON decoding error: Ensure the JSON output is valid by checking for errors or corrupted data.


babeltrace2-plugin-ctf can be integrated with other Linux commands, such as:

  • jq: For filtering and processing JSON data
  • dtrace: For correlating trace data with live system information

Related Commands

  • babeltrace2: The core tracing engine for parsing and processing traces.
  • ctf-conv: A utility for converting traces to and from CTF format.
  • CTF Tools: Official documentation on CTF tools and libraries.