babeltrace2-list-plugins - Linux


babeltrace2-list-plugins lists the plugins available to the babeltrace2 library.


babeltrace2-list-plugins [--babeltrace version] [--wide]


  • –babeltrace version: Sets the tool to use a specific version of babeltrace. Possible values are ‘1’ or ‘2’.
  • –wide: Enables wide output.


To list the available plugins in a wide format:

babeltrace2-list-plugins --wide

To list the available plugins for babeltrace version 1:

babeltrace2-list-plugins --babeltrace 1

Common Issues

If no plugins are listed, ensure that the babeltrace2 library is installed and configured correctly.


babeltrace2-list-plugins can be combined with other tools to manage and analyze trace data. For example, it can be used to identify the available plugins for a specific babeltrace version before using those plugins with other babeltrace2 commands.

Related Commands

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  • babeltrace2-format: Converts trace files between different formats.
  • babeltrace2-profile: Generates a flamegraph profile from a trace file.