babeltrace2-intro - Linux


babeltrace2-intro is a tool for analyzing and visualizing performance data. It provides an interface to interact with the babeltrace2 system for performance tracing, recording, and playback.


babeltrace2-intro [options] [filter_expr] <input_file>...


  • --trace-dir=<dir>: Set the trace directory
  • --help (-h): Display help and usage information
  • --version (-v): Display version information
  • --loop: Continuously loop through the input files
  • --validate: Validate the trace files before processing


Simple Example:

babeltrace2-intro trace.bt2

Complex Example:

babeltrace2-intro -trace-dir=/tmp/trace -loop event:sched:* -event-color-map=sched:swapper=red,sched:jiffies=green

Common Issues

  • Error: Failed to open trace file: Ensure that the input file(s) are accessible and have valid permissions.
  • Error: Invalid trace format: Check if the input files are valid babeltrace2 trace files.
  • Slow performance: The analysis process can be resource-intensive. Increase system resources or try using filters to narrow down the data.


babeltrace2-intro can be integrated with other commands for advanced analysis:

  • Parse traces: babeltrace2-intro trace.bt2 | jq
  • Visualize data: babeltrace2-intro trace.bt2 | bt2graphviz -o graph.svg

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