avc_open - Linux


avc_open is a utility for opening arbitrary file-like objects and acting on them. It provides a consistent interface for working with different types of input and output, making it a versatile tool for writing complex automation tasks.


avc_open [-h|--help] [-v|--verbose] [-n|--non-interactive] [-k|--skip-field-errors] [-E|--allow-empty] [-c|--configuration FILE] FILE COMMAND

avc_open [-h|--help] [-v|--verbose] [-n|--non-interactive] [-k|--skip-field-errors] [-E|--allow-empty] [-c|--configuration FILE] - (COMMAND)

Required Arguments

  • FILE: The file or object to be opened. Can be a local file, remote URL, or standard input/output.
  • COMMAND: The command to be executed on the opened object.


  • -h, –help: Display help and usage information.
  • -v, –verbose: Enable verbose output.
  • -n, –non-interactive: Disable interactive prompts.
  • -k, –skip-field-errors: Skip over errors when parsing field values.
  • -E, –allow-empty: Allow empty fields in the output.
  • -c, –configuration FILE: Specify a configuration file for additional options.


Reading a local file

avc_open my_file.csv print -c separator=","

Writing to a remote server

avc_open ftp://example.com/data.json write -k -c host="example.com" user="username" pass="password"

Piping from standard input

cat my_data.txt | avc_open - print -c separator="\t"

Common Issues

Invalid file format

Ensure that the specified file is in a valid format and can be opened by avc_open.

Permission denied

Make sure that the user running the command has sufficient permissions to access the specified file.

Field parsing errors

If -k is not specified, avc_open will raise an error if any field values cannot be parsed.


avc_open can be integrated with other commands using pipes or redirection. For example:

avc_open my_file.csv print -c separator="," | sort -k 1,1

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