avc_netlink_release_fd - Linux


avc_netlink_release_fd is a command line tool for releasing a file descriptor associated with an audit netlink connection. It is primarily used within the SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) framework to properly terminate and release allocated resources when the connection is no longer required.


avc_netlink_release_fd [options] <file descriptor>


-h, –help
Print usage information and exit.


Release a file descriptor:

avc_netlink_release_fd 12

Release multiple file descriptors using a script:


# Close all open file descriptors
for fd in $(ls /proc/self/fd); do
    avc_netlink_release_fd "$fd"

Common Issues

avc_netlink_release_fd: Permission denied
Ensure that the user running the command has sufficient permissions to access and close the file descriptor.


avc_netlink_release_fd can be integrated with other Linux tools, such as auditctl, to control the behavior of the audit daemon and manage audit connections.

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