avc_netlink_close - Linux


avc_netlink_close is a command-line utility designed to close a previously opened Netlink socket and unregister the callback to receive events. It provides an efficient way to manage and control communication with the kernel’s Netfilter subsystem.


avc_netlink_close [-h] [--help]


  • -h, –help: Display usage information and exit.


Closing a Previously Opened Netlink Socket:


Common Issues

  • Socket Not Open: If an attempt is made to close a socket that was never opened, the command will fail with an error message. Ensure the socket is opened before closing it.


Using Scripts for Automation:

avc_netlink_close can be integrated into scripts for automated task management. For instance, a script can open a Netlink socket, register a callback, perform specific tasks, and close the socket before exiting.


# Open a Netlink socket

# Register a callback to receive events
avc_netlink_register_callback $nl_sock

# Perform specific tasks...

# Close the Netlink socket
avc_netlink_close $nl_sock

Related Commands

  • avc_netlink_open: Opens a Netlink socket for communication with the kernel’s Netfilter subsystem.
  • avc_netlink_register_callback: Registers a callback function to receive events from the Netlink socket.
  • avc_netlink_unregister_callback: Unregisters the previously registered callback function.